Actuator Company Relationships

Manual actuators i.e. levers have been around for as long as valves have and they are commonly used in operational environments where simple valve control is required.

Power operated valves using pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators are more commonplace now with the many different operations adopted in today’s process industries.

Comid has set in place links with two of the worlds leading Actuator companies. We have been appointed the UK agents for Blac Inc. for their range of speciality electro-hydraulic actuators for the power, pipeline and refinery industries and have arranged a supplier agreement with DREHMO for their range of electromechanical valve actuators for the power generation, water treatment, oil and gas production and distribution as well as the chemical and the petrochemical industries.

These arrangements are not exclusive though!

Our objectives are to ensure that our customers get the correct actuator that meets their requirements and/or specifications. To that end we also supply actuators from other major actuation companies such as Auma, Rotork, Norbro, Hytork and Remote Control.

Contact us with your actuation requirements and we’ll be pleased to respond to your needs.                                 

Blac Inc.



Modulating Quarter Turn Valve Actuator


Multi Turn Actuators

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