In-Situ Testing (√eri-Test)

Some relevant facts about safety valves and their need for maintenance:

  • Regular safety valve testing is required by most Governments’ safety requirements as well as insurance companies;
  • Safety or relief valves sticking, or valves that have been tampered with or left dormant for a long time, may not lift at their required set pressure;
  • Leaking valves lead to a variety of problems including increased maintenance repair costs and potentially overall inefficient plant operations;
  • System downtime can be a costly exercise; and
  • Replacing valves is expensive.Veri Test

By using Comid’s in-situ testing system for safety valves, eri-Test, the valve performance can be evaluated whilst the plant and system are operating. There is no need to shut down the plant to enable valve removal for testing.

If the valve is found to be within operational tolerance, the valve can be adjusted if necessary or simply resealed and tagged to denote acceptance.

As the equipment is computerised a test report is produced to demonstrate the performance of the valve.

Valves which do not meet the performance standards can be identified and arrangements made for removal for workshop overhaul at the next convenient plant shutdown.

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